The Mrs & SAFE Alliance

By July 23, 2017Reflections
The Mrs performs at SAFE Luncheon

Have you ever been so touched by the work of an organization that you just KNEW you had to be involved? That is exactly what happened when we saw what compassionate work SAFE Alliance does for the Austin community. Watch the video below and hear Angela Glode, discuss The Mrs and SAFE’s partnership!

SAFE has a mission, “to lead in ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, and domestic violence through prevention, intervention, and advocacy for change.” (Source, SAFE website) We have seen this mission in action, whether it has been by visiting the SAFE shelters and those residing there, or by interacting with people who have used the many services they offer. Each of us has not only seen SAFE at work, but some of us have also had personal experiences with people impacted by the abuses SAFE actively tries to prevent. Because of our discoveries into their work and who they help, it became apparent that we needed to take part in standing up for these victims.

We knew we could help, but the questions what what to do? We wanted to do something big for SAFE, something that would be long lasting and continue to contribute to them for a long time. As musicians it made sense to use our music and voice to give SAFE Alliance something that would be an immortalized representation of the crucial work that they perform. All of us in The Mrs strongly believe in “music with a mission” and by writing a song for SAFE we were using our voice to help others.

So, we sat down and wrote “Draw the Line”. This song not only represents the organization but also the stories of people that they help. The individuals that “Draw the Line” represents are real people that we see everyday around us. Real men, women, and children that have been impacted by violence, abuse, and assault. These are victims whose lives have been irreversibly changed.

We want to remind survivors that they are not alone and we stand together with them “shoulder to shoulder” and that together with the help of SAFE we can “Draw the Line” on domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse. Every cent that comes in from the sales, past and forever, of the song “Draw the Line” goes to SAFE Alliance. “Draw the Line” took on a life of it’s own and will hopefully continue to give back to SAFE for years to come.

Whenever SAFE calls on us, we will be there for them. Every year SAFE Alliance holds a luncheon as their largest annual fundraiser, and we have been fortunate to join this remarkable event and to show our support with a performance. Along with “Draw the Line” and participating in performances, we also were able to help create the iconic “Keep Austin Safe” shirts. These shirts truly represent SAFE Alliances prominent position as an important resource to those in need in our community in Austin. We are honored to be able to continue this partnership with such an incredible organization.

If you are as moved as we were by SAFE, there are ways you can support them in their mission.


For more details and to stay up to date on SAFE- Website, Facebook, Instagrm, and twitter  (all linked)

If you are or know survivors, families, and allies who need support with situations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking contact safe at: 512.267.SAFE (7233), or toll free at 1-877-384-9891

Or through their online chat 12:30 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The online chat service can be accessed by clicking this link.

Download Draw the Line now on iTunes or Amazon Music.

XOXO The Mrs