The Society of Women Engineers

By November 1, 2017Events

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a group of strong, brilliant, incredible ladies, and they sure know how to have a good time! We were thrilled when we were invited to play the WE17 conference!

After a long week at the conference, it was time to let loose and commemorate another successful year! We rocked the Austin Convention Center with fun, positive, vibes to close out the event, and we couldn’t imagine playing for a better crowd, or one that was more ready to rock out with us! It was so inspiring to celebrate with women who are “breaking through the ceiling made of glass!Our hearts were so full that night, and the women of WE17 made it an unforgettable affair. Watching the crowd saw arm-in-arm, singing along with us was a moment we’ll never forget! And, if possible, SWE made the show even more memorable by singing happy birthday to our very own keyboardist, Larissa!

The night was over way too soon, but we are so grateful to have been part of the conference. The women of WE17 are definitely some of our personal heroes, and we hope to see you all again! Rock on Society of Women Engineers and thank you for all the love!