Somewhere to Go

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Our new music video for “Somewhere to Go” has been released and we are SO EXCITED! Huge shoutout to our director Scott Ramsey for helping make this dream come true. Catch an exclusive look at the journey behind the song, and make sure to check out Elmore Magazine’s official premier of the new music video!

So many of us have experienced heartache and tragedy. In the midst of great pain, there is comfort in knowing who you can turn to. “Somewhere to Go” is a reminder that you are never alone in this world. We all felt an emotional connection while writing this song, and we hope it connects with you as well. We hope you feel supported when life get’s hard and encouraged to lend a helping hand to those around you in need.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we loved making it. We also want to wish you a happy belated Valentines day! What a perfect holiday to let the people you love know they have “Somewhere to Go”!

XOXO The Mrs

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All About That Bass!

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Being able to make music is a dream come true, and we love sharing our passion with others. We hope that our music makes people feel encouraged and empowered to go live out their dreams. That’s why when our very own Jenny Mason was invited to speak on the All About That Bass! panel at NAMM we were THRILLED! What an honor! The NAMM show is one of the largest music product trade shows in the world where some of the best musicians gather together to view the latest equipment and discuss innovations in music. The All About That Bass! panel was held on January 27th in Anaheim, CA and was presented by TransAudio Group and Studio Expresso.

Jenny was joined by powerhouses Nik West, Brent Fisher, Rhonda Smith, Leland Skylar, and Neal Pogue, all of which are incredible musicians and just really great people! The star-studded panelists discussed the sound of bass on albums and in the studio. Jenny was asked about the story behind The Mrs and spent some time talking about our new album. Jenny loved being able to share what she had been working on and felt like she was able to help those interested in music pursue their dreams. It’s always a special opportunity to speak to an audience that really wants to grow and learn from what you have to offer. And what a cool opportunity to share about The Mrs too?!

It was an incredible day filled with awesome people making great music, and it was such an honor for Jenny to be invited to speak! Read More

The Mrs and The Wind and The Wave

Adventures in Kindness!

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The world needs kindness now more than ever, and we love to help spread the message with The Kindness Campaign (TKC) anytime there’s a chance to. We recently participated in three events organized by The Kindness Campaign, and we are still feeling the magic of kindness from each of them.

TKC pulled out all of the stops for their Taste of Kindness fundraiser. The night was hosted at John Thorton and Erin Driscoll’s breathtaking home in Austin, TX. Warmth and kindness radiated in the air as we enjoyed all the special treats provided by their sponsors, from yummy Sprinkles Cupcakes to refreshing Sway Water and Austin Cocktails drinks! Our favorite moment of the night was playing our song “This is Not a Lullaby” with a perfect accompanying harmony from the children’s choir. Read More

The Mrs join The Kindness Campaign for KINDNESSPALOOZA

The Mrs and The Kindness Campaign!

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Kindness is a force that can be used to make the world a better place. It’s a tool that can be used to spread messages and touch people’s hearts. One of our key undertakings as a band is the quest to spread kindness around the world and change the status quo of how we treat each other and ourselves! Our core message of motivating people to believe that they are “Enough” is all about being kind to yourself, and letting that light of positivity shine onto others! This key belief is why we support The Kindness Campaign (TKC), a non-profit dedicated to “inspiring a new generation of kind leaders. Through classroom initiatives, interactive experiences and community involvement, TKC empowers students to recognize the transformative power of kindness.”  

Watch the video below and hear Nina Gilkerson, Chief Operating Officer, and Lori Hobbie, Chief Program Officer, discuss The Mrs partnership with TKC.

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The Society of Women Engineers

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The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a group of strong, brilliant, incredible ladies, and they sure know how to have a good time! We were thrilled when we were invited to play the WE17 conference!

After a long week at the conference, it was time to let loose and commemorate another successful year! We rocked the Austin Convention Center with fun, positive, vibes to close out the event, and we couldn’t imagine playing for a better crowd, or one that was more ready to rock out with us! It was so inspiring to celebrate with women who are “breaking through the ceiling made of glass! Read More

The Mrs Rockstar Magazine

Austin Publications

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Summer is officially over and we are heading into fall full of determination to keep sharing the love, kindness, and music! Even though it’s fall, the sun is still shining here in Austin and we are feeling the LOVE from this groovy town! Recently we have been so lucky to have been featured in not one but THREE impactful Austin publications: Austin Way, Austin Woman and on the COVER of Rockstar Magazine!
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Empowering Women Around Texas

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Every day we hope to spread the powerful message for women to believe in themselves and to know that they are “Enough.” This is why, when we were asked to play the 45th annual Women of AT&T conference, we knew we had to say “YES!”. The event took place in the classically elegant Tower Club in Dallas, TX. The organization, Women of AT&T (WOA), could not have been more perfectly aligned to our message as the theme of the entire night was “I Am Enough!” WOA is an employee resource group that  connects women working across the company that aims to “promote an environment that recognizes the value of women’s contributions both internal and external to AT&T.” 

Not only were we invited to go to Dallas and rock out with the inspiring ladies of AT&T, but Andra, our drummer and founder, was asked to give a keynote speech for the evening. Andra delivered a message that is at the very foundation of The Mrs: that women often look in the mirror and feel like they are not enough, but by changing the way we see ourselves and speak about ourselves to see your our value, it changes lives. She shared the story of The Magic Mirror video (which has over 5 million views!) with the crowd. The mirror has changed thousands of lives all over the world, by reminding people how wonderful they truly are. and It was moving to see the emotional response of the crowd at the urge to remind themselves daily that “I’m Enough.”
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Jenny Mason – Bass Player Extraordinaire!

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Having grown up with music at every family gathering, Jenny has loved music since she was a little girl, and continues to foster that love to this day. Her father strongly influenced her taste in classic rock, while her husband frequently takes her to shows in the Austin music scene. But surprisingly, Jenny didn’t start playing music until much later in life. When her group of girlfriends all decided to learn how to play instruments, she was motivated to pick up the bass — and never put it back down.

Before becoming a full-time musician, Jenny was an award-winning interior designer. She ran her own firm in Austin, TX for 12 years and was an ace at residential design, with children’s rooms being her favorite. Even though The Mrs is her main focus these days, she still finds time to do some interior decorating – she can’t seem to get away from it!

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Texas Radio Live!

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Talk about a SOULFUL night! Our recent show at Guero’s Oak Garden was an all around good time. The event was a picture-perfect end of summer concert. The outdoor venue was the personification of an Austin setting, a beautiful combination of eccentric and rustic!

We would like to thank Texas Radio Live, and Sun Radio for putting on the show and bringing us together to share a stage with Jordan Cody, a local country rock musician who delivered a heartfelt performance. Her strong melodious vocals filled the venue and had everyone in the audience tapping their toes!
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