The Mrs and The Kindness Campaign!

By December 4, 2017Reflections
The Mrs join The Kindness Campaign for KINDNESSPALOOZA

Kindness is a force that can be used to make the world a better place. It’s a tool that can be used to spread messages and touch people’s hearts. One of our key undertakings as a band is the quest to spread kindness around the world and change the status quo of how we treat each other and ourselves! Our core message of motivating people to believe that they are “Enough” is all about being kind to yourself, and letting that light of positivity shine onto others! This key belief is why we support The Kindness Campaign (TKC), a non-profit dedicated to “inspiring a new generation of kind leaders. Through classroom initiatives, interactive experiences and community involvement, TKC empowers students to recognize the transformative power of kindness.”  

Watch the video below and hear Nina Gilkerson, Chief Operating Officer, and Lori Hobbie, Chief Program Officer, discuss The Mrs partnership with TKC.

You could say we have a “kindness connection” to The Kindness Campaign and what they stand for. Andra, our drummer, is both the president and a founder of this influential non-profit. TKC was born as a response to one of her personal experiences, having lost someone dear to suicide as a result of bullying. Andra became determined to help make a change to impact the ever-growing need for kindness in a world where the news constantly reports the overwhelming loss of children to suicide. As a mother, she was determined to do what she could to stop this pain and foster a connection with children based on kindness. Through TKC Andra aims to change the pattern of behavior early on, and lay a foundation of kindness that will influence children’s behavior and interactions for the rest of their lives.

The Kindness Campaign’s mission, at the core, is to empower children to be kind to others and to show kids that kindness is cool. By teaching children to be kind to themselves and others, TKC changes the status quo and empowers them to become the kind leaders our future needs. Each of us in The Mrs has a personal connection to The Kindness Campaign’s mission and volunteers our time and energy to their cause. We also believe in supporting this powerful message by leading by example. A kind heart goes a long way and we really want to reach young kids to help inspire them to become kind leaders in their schools and communities. As adults and parents, what we put out into the world is so important, young children absorb these messages and carry them with them, that is why we want to use our voice for kindness and lead change by example.

We love to dedicate our time and hearts to the kindness revolution, whether it is through volunteering, leading by example, or playing at KINDNESSPALOOZAs – an event unique to TKC that take place in schools and communities. This event is designed to encourage communities, corporations, and schools to come together and support The Kindness Campaign. These events are a one-of-a-kind experience that are like pep rallies for the kindness team! We love playing these shows and getting to interact with students and communities and to help show them how cool TKC and being kind can be!

A new exciting way that we are supporting The Kindness Campaign is by donating 100% of all proceeds from ALL The Mrs merchandise to TKC, so now every dollar you spend on our shirts, and CD’s goes to helping build the kind leaders of tomorrow! Our merch shop will no longer be hosted on our own webpage, so keep an eye on in the coming days for our brand new kindness shop!

If you believe in the power of kindness as much as we do, there are ways you can support them in their mission.
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For more details and to stay up to date on The Kindness Campaign – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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