Father's Day Love Letter Q&A with Larissa

By June 15, 2016Reflections

This Father’s Day, we’re on a mission to spread love across the internet…and it started with us creating videos for our own dads. It was a deeply touching exercise for the band, one which has already sparked so much great conversation and moved others to create their own. If after watching Andra’s video you want to create your own,  you can read all about our #LoveLettertoDad campaign here and join the movement.

Here’s a behind the scenes snapshot of what it was like for Larissa to create her video:

Who did you create it for?

Larissa: My Dad, Ken Ness

What did it feel like to write the letter? 

Larissa: I felt like he deserved to hear the truth!

One thing that came out from reading it out loud: 

Larissa: I loved saying it out loud but it did feel slightly awkward at first because normally females don’t open up emotionally to the father figure. It seems to often happen more with Mothers and Daughters. But realizing that just proves how important it is to make a point to do it with Dad.

Why do you believe in this campaign? 

Larissa: Dad’s just don’t get enough credit. Everyone assumes they’re tough and don’t need to hear that stuff. But the females in our society (including myself) need to be reminded just how important our support is to the success and happiness of our husbands and fathers. They may act like they don’t need that touchy-feely stuff but it does make a difference. We are all human and we all need love and appreciation.

What do you think is possible if 10,000 people post videos like this?
Larissa: If 10,000 people post videos like this I think it’ll really get others around the world thinking about how important sharing your feelings of love and gratitude are. Gratitude can change someone’s day entirely. Not just yours but someone else’s too. It’s a win-win situation. The world needs a mind shift and it all starts with expressing love and showing your appreciation for those around you.

Here’s her full video. Check out how she’s celebrating her Dad this Father’s Day:

PS: Just hop on over here to download the exact love letter Larissa used to create this video and make your own! Did we mention you can help raise money to sponsor male mentors, too?