Jenny Mason – Bass Player Extraordinaire!

By September 15, 2017Reflections

Having grown up with music at every family gathering, Jenny has loved music since she was a little girl, and continues to foster that love to this day. Her father strongly influenced her taste in classic rock, while her husband frequently takes her to shows in the Austin music scene. But surprisingly, Jenny didn’t start playing music until much later in life. When her group of girlfriends all decided to learn how to play instruments, she was motivated to pick up the bass — and never put it back down.

Before becoming a full-time musician, Jenny was an award-winning interior designer. She ran her own firm in Austin, TX for 12 years and was an ace at residential design, with children’s rooms being her favorite. Even though The Mrs is her main focus these days, she still finds time to do some interior decorating – she can’t seem to get away from it!

Jenny’s musical journey is very much entwined with Andra’s, the band’s founder/drummer and her long time friend. The two met due to their mutual passion for non-profit work. They both volunteered together at a Junior League Thrift shop and helped out there every Monday. The more they spent time together, the closer they became, and soon decided to train to run marathons together! During this time they ran three half-marathons together. While they were getting ready for the half-marathons, they would spend a lot of time working out and training together and she says they would just “talk and talk the entire time!” Andra began learning drums and suggested Jenny join her in learning an instrument, because everything is more fun with your best friend! Jenny chose the bass and they started playing and learning music together and realized quickly that they had found a new mutual passion in life.

Volunteering in the community isn’t just how she met her best friend, it is also a huge part of her core beliefs and actions. Jenny is a dedicated member of the community, spending her time that isn’t with her three children, husband, and two dogs, giving back in any way she can. She is on the board for The Center for Childhood Protection, and is incredibly passionate about the services they provide. She believes that “the community needs to come forward for them because these children are helpless,” and wants to raise every dollar possible for their aid. Jenny is also a member of the National Charity League , an organization that encourages mothers and daughters to volunteer together to help places like food banks and pet shelters. This time she spends volunteering with her daughter is irreplaceable. She also helps spread a message of kindness as a volunteer and board member for The Kindness Campaign(. Jenny has a strong belief in leading by example and that if you “show younger ones to love and love themselves, they will become kind leaders and become kind adults.”

Being part of The Mrs and her journey as a musician had been so significant to Jenny -the band and playing music has challenged her and encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone. She is always looking for new things to try and ways to grow and learn every day. Music has shown her the importance of connecting with people, and has helped her realize how significant music is the connection we all have with each other. She loves what she does, and always wants to show others and her family how much of her heart and soul goes into it.  Another great change that came along with Jenny joining The Mrs, was the connection and sisterhood she has with her bandmates. They have become a family and together are able to face the ups and downs of life. Each day is a new adventure that has taught her to “roll with the punches.”

Music has always been a significant part of Jenny’s life, but now as part of a band, her lifestyle is fully immersed in it. To her, playing and writing music with The Mrs is “showing people our story and our lives.” Every moment of hard work of being an all female band has been worth it. The true rewards are when she sees the uplifting responses that people have to the band’s message. Together she believes that they “are doing something we love, but also doing something that is touching people’s lives.” Jenny hopes that this message and connection through their music only continues to grow. As for the future of the band? She only see’s things moving in an upwards curve from here. She hopes to see the band playing more shows, touring, releasing another album, and hopefully even on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.