Empowering Women Around Texas

By September 22, 2017Events
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Every day we hope to spread the powerful message for women to believe in themselves and to know that they are “Enough.” This is why, when we were asked to play the 45th annual Women of AT&T conference, we knew we had to say “YES!”. The event took place in the classically elegant Tower Club in Dallas, TX. The organization, Women of AT&T (WOA), could not have been more perfectly aligned to our message as the theme of the entire night was “I Am Enough!” WOA is an employee resource group that  connects women working across the company that aims to “promote an environment that recognizes the value of women’s contributions both internal and external to AT&T.” 

Not only were we invited to go to Dallas and rock out with the inspiring ladies of AT&T, but Andra, our drummer and founder, was asked to give a keynote speech for the evening. Andra delivered a message that is at the very foundation of The Mrs: that women often look in the mirror and feel like they are not enough, but by changing the way we see ourselves and speak about ourselves to see your our value, it changes lives. She shared the story of The Magic Mirror video (which has over 5 million views!) with the crowd. The mirror has changed thousands of lives all over the world, by reminding people how wonderful they truly are. and It was moving to see the emotional response of the crowd at the urge to remind themselves daily that “I’m Enough.”

After the keynote speech, we took the stage with the perfect finally – a rock concert! The lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of AT&T sure know how to cut loose and enjoy a party! Even though it was the end of the night there was no lack of presence on the dancefloor and voices singing along. The chants along to “I’m Enough” from the crowd helped wrap up a beautiful night on a fun, positive note.  We had such wonderful conversations with many of the attendees throughout the night, and were thankful to foster these connections with the many impressive Women of AT&T!  It is our hope that the words “I’m Enough” will stick with them for years to come.

After returning home from Dallas we attended another unbelievable event spearheaded by powerful women actively attempting to inspire positive change every day. The Austin Greater Area YWCA was celebrating 110 years of eliminating racism and empowering women with a “Fabulous People Party” aimed at honoring outstanding community members. We were honored to be invited to perform at this event and help keep the party rolling with a fun acoustic set! There was plenty of talented musical acts to dance the night away with that we loved getting to share a stage with such as: Leti Garza, The Austonettes, Maryann Price and Trio Del Rio, and our friend SaulPaul!

It was an incredible two days of celebrating strong and hardworking women all around the great state of Texas! We can’t wait for the next event, Society of Women Engineers – SWE‘s Celebrate SWE conference October 28th!

Check out some photo highlights from the events below:

Andra Liemandt Keynote AT&TAndra delivering her keynote speech “How to change your life in 300 seconds”


I'm Enough tattooTwo members of the audience had “I am enough” tattoos!!


20170914_221549 copyPosing with Jackie Bass of the WOA!


20170915_225849 (1)Jamming at YWCA’s fabulous people party!


IMG_3163-editedHanging outside of the Spiderhouse Ballroom in Austin, TX


20170916_001828Andra hanging out with Saul Paul after the show!

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