Be featured in our “Dare Me” lyric video!

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Fans! BE IN OUR NEXT VIDEO! We need your help to create our new lyric video for our single #DareMe the track is all about taking control of the dreams we are capable of achieving!

POST a pic of you holding up a piece of paper or sign with your “dream” on it and use the hashtag #DareMe. Your photo will be featured in our new video! One lucky fan will also WIN a Bluetooth wireless 808 Audio speaker for their entry!

Good Luck!

The Mrs


Pledge workout

Making your New Year’s intentions stick

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Last week we posted a blog about creating New Year intentions. If you missed it, check it out, write down your intentions and then hop back over here for our five handy tips on making those intentions stick.

It’s not too late–not at all–to make a little time to feel into what you want to create this next year. Heck! It’s only January 12th!! Ask yourself: What are my priorities? How do I want to feel?

Once you’re clear on what’s most important and how you want to feel–in your body, your home life, your work, your relationships–this clarity serves as your personal barometer, so that you know in any given moment whether your intentions are still vibing with who you are now.

FIVE TIPS TO MAKE YOUR INTENTIONS STICK (and trusting you’re enough even if you slip :))

1. Set yourself up for success. In other words, take baby steps and intend something that you know you can commit to. If you don’t exercise on a daily basis but would like to start, don’t create an intention to run a marathon in April. Instead, intend to move your body every day in ways that delight and make you feel strong. That might mean getting up and walking around the office/house every hour. It might mean putting on your favorite song and having a personal dance party. You can see our intentions if you need a spark of inspiration.

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EVENT : Ring in your new year with The Mrs!

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2016 has been a year to remember for us! We’ve played awesome venues, raised money for inspiring causes, and been wowed by our incredible audiences.  So it is with great excitement that we unwrap one of our best Christmas presents ever: playing in our hometown on New Year’s Eve!!

We will be rockin out at Hanover’s 2.0 beginning at 10:20pm. Plus, we’re teaming up with RIDE|Austin–Austin’s newest ridesharing service–to give safe rides to and fro. Download the RIDEAUSTIN app and use promo code “THEMRSNYE” to get $10 off your first ride.


Isn’t it festive?! Jump over here to find out more about the show! {cover is $5!}


16912 N I-35 

Austin, Texas 78728

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VIDEO : Standing on the edge of a dream with you.

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Hi there!

We are incredibly excited to let you in on our biggest creation yet… it’s something we’ve been working on for months and positively can’t wait to share with you. We feel like we’re standing on the edge of a dream, about to stage-dive out into your extended arms and open hearts. {drumroll please, Andra}…

We are gearing up to launch our first ever full-length album with 11 original songs written from a collection of our life moments… and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Even better? You can help make the album come to life!

We dreamed of creating an album that includes our loyal fans in the process and found a really cool way to make this dream a reality: by creating a Pledge Campaign that allows you to purchase exclusives from us like merch, a shopping trip or even a private concert!

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We are thankful!

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Hi there, beauty!

I bet that right now you could name at least 5 things–off the top of your head–to feel thankful for. Whether it’s the cute new shoes you just bought, or that you have hot running water, or healthy children, we are all wrapped in goodness and love, in one form or another.

We, at the Mrs, have so many reasons to be thankful: our personal health, YOU {our ever-supportive friends and fans}, music!, that we get to do what we love every day, and our bond as a band, to name a few.

And yet, why can it feel so difficult sometimes to feel thankful? With so much to distract us from an attitude of gratitude, it’s more important than ever to slow waaay down and appreciate–on a daily basis, if possible–all the elements that light up our lives with love!

So… in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we each focused on 11 things that we feel thankful for. We hope our lists will inspire you to cast your loving gaze upon your “thankfuls” and view life through that lens on Thanksgiving.

May your holiday be filled with the spirit of thankfulness…and love. So. much. love.

With love,
The Mrs {Andra, Larissa, Mandy & Jenny}

Psst…Keep your eyes open for our exciting news coming very soon…HINT: it involves YOU!

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Announcing Draw the Line

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We are excited to share the following press release in announcing our newest song and partnership with SAFE. This announcement will be exclusively made on KVUE/ABC – Channel 24 in Austin today!


The Mrs and SAFE Encourage the Public to Join in a National Campaign to Increase Awareness Regarding Sexual Assault, Exploitation, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

AUSTIN, TX, APRIL 5, 2016 — Austin-based, all-female band The Mrs, announced today a unique partnership with SAFE, a local nonprofit working to end sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, and domestic violence. The Mrs’ newest song and music video, “Draw the Line,” will serve as the primary tool for awareness and fundraising. All proceeds from the new track will go directly to SAFE.

The collaboration is aligned with Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM) as “Draw the Line,” is intended to start a powerful and purposeful new conversation about domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition, Mayor Steve Adler will present The Mrs and SAFE with an official proclamation declaring April 8th, “Draw the Line” Day to commemorate the powerful message behind the campaign.

Comprised of five women on a mission to create music that champions women’s issues and causes change, The Mrs is more than a musical group, they write music with purpose. They made waves with their first big hit, “Enough” and the documentary style video which garnered 5.3 million views on YouTube, “Magic Mirror. Draw the Line expands on those efforts and takes the band to new heights.

Andra Liemandt, Founder and Drummer of The Mrs, stated, “We formed The Mrs to be a voice of support for all women and empower them to believe they are enough. This song, “Draw the Line,” is truly an expression of hope and community awareness to bring light to those suffering from abuse or neglect at any level, and to let them know they are not alone. The goal of the song is to give victims and anyone who witnesses abuse a battle cry to draw the line.”  

“Everyone can draw the line against abuse, in their own lives or by reaching out to loved ones who may need help,” SAFE Chief Development Officer Angela Glode said. “When survivors hear this song, we hope they feel supported and know there’s a safe place to get help. We also hope the song encourages those who see abuse to reach out and support survivors in their communities.”

The statistics surrounding sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence are startling:

Through the release of their incredibly moving new song and video, The Mrs invites people around the world to “Draw the Line” together by joining the band in a social media campaign, using the hashtag #DrawTheLine to create a ripple effect of awareness. The song, “Draw the Line” is available for download on iTunes and Amazon and the official video is available on YouTube. For more information on The Mrs please visit,




Photo credit: Austin Chronicle

Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up for Music Lessons in 2016

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As a professional educator, I can tell you some excellent reasons why you should make your ‘signing up kids for lessons’ your new year’s resolution!

Music is good for you. Listening, of course, is a known mood-improver, but I’m actually talking about taking lessons and learning about music itself. It’s so good for your kiddos! Here’s why:

It gives them confidence, cognitive abilities and imagination.  Students who take music lessons and study music demonstrated higher grades, higher test scores, better attendance records and higher rates of community engagement than other students. The area of Mathematics in particular is aided by music education because it targets a very specific set of brain activity: the development of spatial-temporal reasoning.

In addition,  numerous longitudinal studies show that taking music lessons as a child increases brain plasticity, and can help men and women resist the effects of aging and cognitive decline.

Music study also helps with brain development. “Music training not only helps children develop fine motor skills, but aids emotional and behavioral maturation as well. The more a child trained on an instrument the more it accelerated cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management and emotional control.”

AND DON’T FORGET the more obvious – Music is therapy! Music is the foundation of culture! The satisfaction of playing and singing your own tune is immense. Children love to perform. It’s the kind of thing you can do in any climate! It doesn’t require all sorts of fancy equipment like horseback riding or ice hockey.

It is timeless.

Here are 4 different sources you can check out:


*Photo courtesy of the Austin Chronicle
Jenny and I getting our friendship and workout time in together!

How to Stay In Shape Throughout the Year

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The holidays are over and you’re still recovering. The idea of maintaining your workout routine or even starting one can seem overwhelming and like another pressure you’re adding on to yourself. I’ve been there, too! There are a few things that have really helped me stay on track, so today I’m sharing them with you.

A workout buddy    This one is my favorite so I’m listing it first. Jenny, our bassist, and I started running around Lady Bird Lake together and found that not only did it hold us accountable to our workout, but it made it so much more enjoyable. We loved talking and sharing stories, and through these runs, became the best of friends. Today we take a workout class and talk to one another the entire time and love it.

A workout class  Speaking of those classes that Jenny and I take together–these are a great way to stay motivated. I’ll take a strength training class at Move Fitness, or a spin class at Ride or Love, because if I sign up, that means I have to show up! I love doing group fitness whenever I can because of the camaraderie with other class members. We all cheer each other on and build each other up. Plus if you don’t show up for some reason, everyone asks where you are!

Join in with your kids   Recently, we went to visit my mom in Victoria, TX. I took my workout clothes with me so that I could take a run in the morning. But then life took hold by way of a flat tire, so I had to take care of that instead. While we were waiting, my daughters started to jump rope, so I decided to join in. It was a very tiny jump rope, mind you, but it still got my heart rate up! We had a contest between the three of us and wound up laughing and getting super excited. I also fit in some lunges when it wasn’t my turn.

Sometimes my girls also join me in the gym and we turn it into a fun family fitness hour.

My girls make workouts fun!

My girls make workouts fun!

Jenny also enjoys hitting the gym with her daughter to get in some quality one-on-one time.

Jenny and Mallory

Jenny and Mallory


There’s always a way to fit in a workout with some sort of spurt of activity! I encourage you to think of it in a different way and remember that you can always adjust your workout to fit your lifestyle, especially as life continues to change!