The Mrs join The Kindness Campaign for KINDNESSPALOOZA

The Mrs and The Kindness Campaign!

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Kindness is a force that can be used to make the world a better place. It’s a tool that can be used to spread messages and touch people’s hearts. One of our key undertakings as a band is the quest to spread kindness around the world and change the status quo of how we treat each other and ourselves! Our core message of motivating people to believe that they are “Enough” is all about being kind to yourself, and letting that light of positivity shine onto others! This key belief is why we support The Kindness Campaign (TKC), a non-profit dedicated to “inspiring a new generation of kind leaders. Through classroom initiatives, interactive experiences and community involvement, TKC empowers students to recognize the transformative power of kindness.”  

Watch the video below and hear Nina Gilkerson, Chief Operating Officer, and Lori Hobbie, Chief Program Officer, discuss The Mrs partnership with TKC.

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Jenny Mason – Bass Player Extraordinaire!

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Having grown up with music at every family gathering, Jenny has loved music since she was a little girl, and continues to foster that love to this day. Her father strongly influenced her taste in classic rock, while her husband frequently takes her to shows in the Austin music scene. But surprisingly, Jenny didn’t start playing music until much later in life. When her group of girlfriends all decided to learn how to play instruments, she was motivated to pick up the bass — and never put it back down.

Before becoming a full-time musician, Jenny was an award-winning interior designer. She ran her own firm in Austin, TX for 12 years and was an ace at residential design, with children’s rooms being her favorite. Even though The Mrs is her main focus these days, she still finds time to do some interior decorating – she can’t seem to get away from it!

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The Mrs performs at SAFE Luncheon

The Mrs & SAFE Alliance

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Have you ever been so touched by the work of an organization that you just KNEW you had to be involved? That is exactly what happened when we saw what compassionate work SAFE Alliance does for the Austin community. Watch the video below and hear Angela Glode, discuss The Mrs and SAFE’s partnership!

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Happy (2)

Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is coming up! We want to wish an early Happy Father’s Day to all the hardworking dads out there! We all love our fathers very much and are thankful for all they have done for us. Just like in our song Blink of an Eye, time with loved ones like your father, passes by so quickly. Remember to tell your dad how much he means to you today! We hope today is  special for all the fathers!

Check out below to see what Father’s Day means to each of us:
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Great Day Houston + 512 Studios Live!

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We’ve had so much fun spreading our message and playing our music this last week that we just had to share some highlights with you!

First, we took our show on the road to Houston, where we got to sit with Great Day Houston’s phenomenal hostess Deborah Duncan. She and Andra dished about the band and our Pledge campaign for our first self-titled album coming out this spring. We also shared about message behind our upcoming single “Blink of an Eye,” which we got to play for the audience along with our single, “The Beast.” We had a blast!

Jamming out on Great Day Houston, 1/20/17

Jamming out on Great Day Houston, 1/20/17

The show was taped to be aired at a later date, so watch for social media updates to catch a glimpse of our GDH performance and up-close-and-personal interview.

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Best of Austin: Podcasts

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Welcome back to our new “Best of Austin” series! 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting the spotlight on everything music, culture, family and food related, as those are four major areas of focus in our lives. Whether you’re visiting or a long-time local, we hope you’ll find it useful and/or interesting. 

So let’s start with culture by way of music and entertainment. We want to know: do you listen to podcasts? We do, and think they are awesome!

Podcasts are little treasure troves of entertainment and information, packaged into neat little slices that you can fit anywhere in your life: driving your car, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, at your desk at work. When it comes down to it, you are listening to a conversation–something we miss out on these days due to texting and emails.

Luckily, here in Austin we have a variety of amazing podcasts to choose from, from music to comedy to technology to culture. Let’s start with our personal favorite: music!

“This Song” on Austin’s KUTX.  This podcast is amazing–it asks artists about the song that changed them. You get to peek inside their minds! It’s all about music, creativity, and inspiration.

Statesman Shots  Part of the Austin Statesman, this culture podcast has its finger on the pulse of Austin. All the movers and shakers who make Austin what it is stop by here for a chat with the affable and charming Omar Gallaga and Tolly Moseley. In fact, our very own founder & drummer, Andra, was a guest with Tolly and Omar and had a blast! Take a listen here.

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Pledge workout

Making your New Year’s intentions stick

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Last week we posted a blog about creating New Year intentions. If you missed it, check it out, write down your intentions and then hop back over here for our five handy tips on making those intentions stick.

It’s not too late–not at all–to make a little time to feel into what you want to create this next year. Heck! It’s only January 12th!! Ask yourself: What are my priorities? How do I want to feel?

Once you’re clear on what’s most important and how you want to feel–in your body, your home life, your work, your relationships–this clarity serves as your personal barometer, so that you know in any given moment whether your intentions are still vibing with who you are now.

FIVE TIPS TO MAKE YOUR INTENTIONS STICK (and trusting you’re enough even if you slip :))

1. Set yourself up for success. In other words, take baby steps and intend something that you know you can commit to. If you don’t exercise on a daily basis but would like to start, don’t create an intention to run a marathon in April. Instead, intend to move your body every day in ways that delight and make you feel strong. That might mean getting up and walking around the office/house every hour. It might mean putting on your favorite song and having a personal dance party. You can see our intentions if you need a spark of inspiration.

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Rosie Flores. Photo credit: and Austin Chronicle

Best of Austin: Women Artists

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Happy New Year, y’all!

Did you know that Austin is projected to grow 98.5% in the next 25 years? {It’s true, according to new research by American City Business Journals, the parent company of the Austin Business Journal*}. Get ready to cozy on up to your neighbors!

Welcome to our inaugural post in our new “Best of Austin” series. We’d like to kick off 2017 by putting the spotlight on everything music, culture, family and food related, as those are four major areas of focus in our personal lives. We’ll be celebrating some of our favorite people, places and experiences that we feel make Austin the fastest growing city in the US. So if you didn’t already have a laundry list of reasons you love Austin, over the next months we will be unveiling some of our personal faves right here on the blog, so sit back, kick your feet up, and stay awhile.

Today we focus on three fiercely talented, unique women who have shaped Austin’s sound and vision. We feel it’s super important that we support other female artists who are molding the creative landscape of our beloved Austin. While many see the music industry as a competitive sea of faceless talent, we want to be part of the movement of artists supporting one another to extend our voices and messages out into the world. Together we are stronger. This is what makes Austin truly great: the entrepreneurial, collaborative nature that breeds creativity in all its forms. Austin boasts an impressive lineup that we cannot wait to showcase here, but for now, we’ll start with these three incredible artists:

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How to make 2017 your best year yet!

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Can you even believe it’s almost 2017!?! The wintry winds of change are sweeping through our lives right now, shaking out all the stuff that is no longer working and inviting us all to see that right now is the time to live in ways that support our well-being and hearts’ desires. How do we begin to do that? We can start with creating intentions.

One simple intention, repeated everyday,  can change the course of your year and therefore your life. We each took a little time to write down our 3-4 intentions and want to share them with you, in hopes that ours will inspire you to make some time to go inside yourself and create intentions of your own {and please share them with us in the comments below!}.
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VIDEO : Standing on the edge of a dream with you.

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Hi there!

We are incredibly excited to let you in on our biggest creation yet… it’s something we’ve been working on for months and positively can’t wait to share with you. We feel like we’re standing on the edge of a dream, about to stage-dive out into your extended arms and open hearts. {drumroll please, Andra}…

We are gearing up to launch our first ever full-length album with 11 original songs written from a collection of our life moments… and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Even better? You can help make the album come to life!

We dreamed of creating an album that includes our loyal fans in the process and found a really cool way to make this dream a reality: by creating a Pledge Campaign that allows you to purchase exclusives from us like merch, a shopping trip or even a private concert!

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