Somewhere to Go

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Our new music video for “Somewhere to Go” has been released and we are SO EXCITED! Huge shoutout to our director Scott Ramsey for helping make this dream come true. Catch an exclusive look at the journey behind the song, and make sure to check out Elmore Magazine’s official premier of the new music video!

So many of us have experienced heartache and tragedy. In the midst of great pain, there is comfort in knowing who you can turn to. “Somewhere to Go” is a reminder that you are never alone in this world. We all felt an emotional connection while writing this song, and we hope it connects with you as well. We hope you feel supported when life get’s hard and encouraged to lend a helping hand to those around you in need.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we loved making it. We also want to wish you a happy belated Valentines day! What a perfect holiday to let the people you love know they have “Somewhere to Go”!

XOXO The Mrs

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Are you ready for a new music video!? Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work filming for the “Somewhere to Go” music video and we couldn’t be more excited! All the scenes were shot in and around our unique and inspiring home of Austin, TX by the accomplished videographer and director Scott Ramsay. If that name looks familiar to you it’s because he is the very same person who filmed the video for “Blink of an Eye!” Scott is a master at bringing the stories behind our songs into reality on screen!

FIlming the video has been an incredible journey. We are thankful for every actor and volunteer who put in time to make the vision of this song into the reality of a music video. Each location we have shot scenes at has been more beautiful than the next, from the peaceful banks of Lake Travis to the lively streets of Taylor, TX!

Take a look at some photos from the filming below:
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Our West Coast Debut!

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Last week we traveled to California and had such a fantastic time!! The first stop on our trip was the Universal Studios back lot to perform on an episode of Home and Family. You can catch the show on The Hallmark Channel; log in with your cable service provider login details and catch our episode if you missed it! It was so much fun to be on the beautiful set of Home and Family and we are so thankful for the amazing opportunity.

The next stop on our adventure was Dash Radio. We were interviewed by Elizabeth Meza for “The Show”. If you missed out on the interview you can listen to it online here! Trust us, you will want to listen to this one.

Next, we stopped by Rogers and Cowan to play an acoustic lunchtime showcase. From there we were off to rock The Hotel Cafe!!!

See below for some photos from our trip:
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The Mrs Blink of an Eye Music Video

Blink of an Eye

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We are SO excited about the release of our new music video for Blink of an Eye! We had a blast working hard with our director Scott Ramsay during filming here in Austin, TX. Head over to People Magazine to check out our exclusive interview and official premier of the new music video!

The song Blink of an Eye means so much to each of us! It couldn’t be coming out at a more PERFECT time! Mother’s day just happened and we hope the song reminds you to cherish the moments you have with your little ones, because they will be grown in a Blink of an Eye.

Check out below to see what Blink of an Eye means to each of us:
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Be featured in our “Dare Me” lyric video!

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Fans! BE IN OUR NEXT VIDEO! We need your help to create our new lyric video for our single #DareMe the track is all about taking control of the dreams we are capable of achieving!

POST a pic of you holding up a piece of paper or sign with your “dream” on it and use the hashtag #DareMe. Your photo will be featured in our new video! One lucky fan will also WIN a Bluetooth wireless 808 Audio speaker for their entry!

Good Luck!

The Mrs



Great Day Houston + 512 Studios Live!

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We’ve had so much fun spreading our message and playing our music this last week that we just had to share some highlights with you!

First, we took our show on the road to Houston, where we got to sit with Great Day Houston’s phenomenal hostess Deborah Duncan. She and Andra dished about the band and our Pledge campaign for our first self-titled album coming out this spring. We also shared about message behind our upcoming single “Blink of an Eye,” which we got to play for the audience along with our single, “The Beast.” We had a blast!

Jamming out on Great Day Houston, 1/20/17

Jamming out on Great Day Houston, 1/20/17

The show was taped to be aired at a later date, so watch for social media updates to catch a glimpse of our GDH performance and up-close-and-personal interview.

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VIDEO : Standing on the edge of a dream with you.

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Hi there!

We are incredibly excited to let you in on our biggest creation yet… it’s something we’ve been working on for months and positively can’t wait to share with you. We feel like we’re standing on the edge of a dream, about to stage-dive out into your extended arms and open hearts. {drumroll please, Andra}…

We are gearing up to launch our first ever full-length album with 11 original songs written from a collection of our life moments… and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Even better? You can help make the album come to life!

We dreamed of creating an album that includes our loyal fans in the process and found a really cool way to make this dream a reality: by creating a Pledge Campaign that allows you to purchase exclusives from us like merch, a shopping trip or even a private concert!

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Do something that scares you!

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We believe in doing things that scare us as often as possible.

It’s almost Halloween, so “scary” is all up in our faces right now. The scary we’re talking about isn’t haunted houses and costumes and fake blood. One of the scariest things we can do is take a risk, try something new; say yes to an opportunity when we’re not sure how we’ll ever do it.

And, we totally get it… Our structured lives don’t often allow much room for the unplanned or the unexpected and the invigorating feelings that come with these moments. That’s why we know how important it is to seek out chances to break out of your comfort zone.

Expanding your horizons always holds value.

Taking a risk, of any kind, gives you the chance to learn something new. To discover new things about yourself or the world around you. To discover a new passion or check something off your bucket list. And, it gives you a chance to expand your idea of what’s possible. Even if something isn’t for you, there’s value in trying, in being open to new experiences, in giving things a chance, even if you fail. Read More