Blink of an Eye

By May 15, 2017Music
The Mrs Blink of an Eye Music Video

We are SO excited about the release of our new music video for Blink of an Eye! We had a blast working hard with our director Scott Ramsay during filming here in Austin, TX. Head over to People Magazine to check out our exclusive interview and official premier of the new music video!

The song Blink of an Eye means so much to each of us! It couldn’t be coming out at a more PERFECT time! Mother’s day just happened and we hope the song reminds you to cherish the moments you have with your little ones, because they will be grown in a Blink of an Eye.

Check out below to see what Blink of an Eye means to each of us:



It’s about being in the moment and cherishing every second I have with my family and my friends (the good, the bad, and the sometimes painful). It really is celebrating the life I have and the people I share it with!“



“To me it’s kind of like, time never stops and life keeps going so don’t miss out on anything that’s important – do what you can everyday to live in the moment…”



“It’s a reminder to me to  be in the moment with where I am  and who I am with because that moment will be gone in the blink of an eyeto live life to the fullest, be kind and be the best you can be because life truly goes by so fast”



This song is a reminder that we all need to “stop and smell the roses” because if we are not present, life will pass you by and you won’t even realize what happened. I try to constantly remind myself to enjoy the moment and find excitement in all the details of everyday life.“

We hope you enjoy this video and song as much as we enjoyed making it for you! We also want to wish all the mothers a belated happy Mother’s Day! We hope your day was amazing and you got to spend some time with those you love and cherish! 

XOXO The Mrs