Behind the Song – “Somewhere to Go”

By August 11, 2017Music
The Mrs "Somewhere to Go" Single Cover

“Somewhere to Go” is a song that takes you on a journey of emotions, watch us discuss the meaning behind the song in the video below:

Many people have “that phone call” or a strong memory tied to the moment of learning about a tragedy, such as the loss of a loved one, that they will always remember. That defining event, where your heart suddenly drops, can make it feel like the world is crumbling around you.

“Somewhere to Go” isn’t just about these tragedies, but the support and comfort you can find all around you during these times of need. It s a reminder that you have people there to turn to when you need lifting up, like your best friends or dear family, that hold your hand or wipe your tears.

We hope that the song helps remind people that they are never alone in this world and that they have someone to turn to when “the sky is falling down.”

The official music video for “Somewhere to Go” will be coming out soon. For now, enjoy the “Somewhere to Go” lyric video here! 

XOXO The Mrs