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We are four women who want to be part of the change in the way other women see themselves. We write songs to inspire the knowing in each woman that she is enough.


Andra Liemandt, drummer for The Mrs Band

andra liemandt

drummer & founder

Andra is the founder and leader of The Mrs, creating the vision for the group both musically, philosophically and philanthropically, while taking care of the details of leading rehearsals and managing the business side of the band. A boundary pusher, giver, loyal friend and dedicated hard worker by nature, she began writing songs to connect with women like herself: mothers who want a full life and want it all: personal relationships, careers, marriages and friendships, and experience a multitude of life experiences that aren’t always portrayed on mainstream radio. After years in the corporate world, she picked up the sticks when her second daughter was 7 months old and fell in love with drumming, a passion that artfully incorporates her passions for both dancing and music. Andra’s personal project turned into a movement when she formed The Mrs to help women see themselves in a more positive light and change the negative self-talk that happens when they look in the mirror. Andra’s other passion is finding unique ways to partner with organizations in the community that are aligned with the founding values of The Mrs. Most recently, she founded The Kindness Campaign on the belief that kindness is the key to changing the way children see themselves and how they relate to one another. “The Mrs is a way for me to share my message with women everywhere that it’s never too late to try something new,” she says.



Jenny Mason, bass player for The Mrs

jenny mason


The true heart of the Mrs, Jenny has been Andra’s best friend for more than 15 years, and was the drummer’s first call when she decided she wanted to create a “band club” over seven years ago. Because of her love of adventure and motto of always saying YES to new things, Jenny was fully on board for the adventure. Jenny was quickly being drawn to the bass, and by making it a priority to master, has become the powerhouse behind the groove of The Mrs. Jenny is also a mother of three children who she calls the focus of her life and loves volunteering with them around Austin at various non-profits. She and her husband are devoted to raising children who have empathy to help others. She is passionate about staying healthy and active. You may catch her boxing at her gym, exploring around town with her daughter, or watching her boys at their sports events. Jenny is always up for trying new things and loves to have fun with family and friends. She says, “The Mrs is showing me that doing something that challenges you and that you love actually makes you a well-rounded mom, wife and friend.”



Larissa Ness, keyboardist and vocalist for The Mrs

larissa ness

keyboard & vocals

Larissa has a unique approach to playing the keyboards, tilting herself sideways; she can also play keyboards backwards and with her toes. She can play the keytar as well. Describing herself as “an energetic optimist, OCD health foodie, and nature lover,” she followed in her mother’ s footsteps as both a professional musician and piano teacher, including teaching Andra’ s two daughters. Her taste in music, however, is decidedly edgier. “Music’s been the center of my life since I was a toddler, running between the beach and the piano in the small Texas fishing town where I grew up,” she says. Larissa has been writing and recording professionally since she was 16, and has released albums and singles as a solo artist in jazz, Latin, hip-hop, pop and electronic music. “The Mrs is an opportunity to bring the world something totally new — music that connects with a huge, fabulous, population of women who could use an updated anthem or two,” she says.



Mandy Prater, guitar and vocals for The Mrs

mandy prater

guitar & vocals

Mandy believes music helps people connect to their feelings and to one another. “Music has been essential in my life,” she says. To her it’s a way of being understood and showing people they’re not alone. She started her first garage band as a young teen and has played a variety of instruments in previous bands, including drums and bass. She pursued her love for music from different angles, first as an aspiring music journalist, then college radio DJ, and even as an audio engineer, before admitting that her calling had always been writing, recording and performing songs. She also happens to have an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Mandy has been described as someone who “always fights for the underdog,” and while growing up in her small town was known for reaching out to people who felt they didn’t belong. So now, as a member of The Mrs, she is gratified to be part of a group that not only writes and plays great music, but also uses it to encourage people to realize their value and be more accepting of themselves.


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